The 8 Biggest Summer 2023 Fashion Trends


Ladies and gents, get ready to say "goodbye" to all those pesky what-to-wear dinner outfit dilemmas and "hello" to the season's hottest must-have looks! We're about to hook you up with some severe fire outfits that'll have heads turning and hearts racing at the dinner table.

Picture this: a little dinner dress in the most subtle and sophisticated hue paired with trendy mules and a cute micro bag. Oh, girl, you'll be the talk of the town, and everyone will be begging to know where you got your style game on point!

But if the vibe calls for something more laid-back, we've got just the trick! How about rocking one of our simple yet oh-so-stylish blazers with a cool crop top and some fabulously distressed blue jeans? Top it off with your go-to chunky kicks, and you'll be confidently strutting your stuff.

And that's not all! We've got Le Marchand's ultimate list of the key Summer 2023 fashion trends that'll effortlessly keep you looking fly all season long. We're talking sustainable fashion, darlings, and we've got the insider scoop to keep your wardrobe fresh and fabulous.

Now, listen up, fashionistas - this is the time to shop, shop, shop! With so many killer sales, you won't believe the steals you can get. Trust me, the prices will shoot up soon, and as a finance-savvy gal, I can vouch for it. Mind you, not because of inflation, but simply because preseason sales will be over before you know it.

And let's not bore you with economic jargon - let's focus on the good stuff! Summer 2023 is all about daring to bare those legs, with the no-pant trend sporting some jaw-dropping short shorts (or, hey, maybe no shorts at all!). But don't worry, if you're not feeling that vibe, midi skirts are strutting their stuff too!

So there you have it, the ultimate fashion forecast for Summer 2023. Get ready to slay in style, and remember - the key to being a fashion-forward icon is to shop smart and embrace those hot trends before everyone else catches on. Happy shopping, darlings!

Get ahead of the game and embrace the key summer 2023 fashion trends now.



1. Sustainable Fashion 

The hottest fashion trend of 2023 revolves around sustainability and embracing eco-friendly materials. Once a significant polluter, fashion is transforming towards cleaner and more sustainable practices. We're witnessing a shift towards thrifting, recycling,  borrowing, and even raiding our moms' closets as the new fashion fad for the year. 

While we'll still indulge in shopping, it'll be more competent, focused on investing in quality pieces that stand the test of time. Expect an influx of clothes made from recycled fabrics like denim, nylon, jersey, and cotton. 

And for those looking to embrace this trend wholeheartedly, check out @carmitive on Instagram, where my sustainability enthusiast friend Carmen shares valuable tips to be more eco-conscious this spring. 

Some may argue sustainability isn't just a trend but a lifestyle. Still, from a commercial standpoint, it's undoubtedly the moment's trend—think of all the ads boasting about recycled and sustainable fashion, reminiscent of the superfoods craze.

Celebrities wearing the trend: Emma Watson and Stella McCartney


2. Quiet Luxury

In a world filled with noise and attention-seeking fashion, let quiet luxury be your oasis of elegance and restraint. It celebrates the beauty of understatement, proving that true  luxury doesn't need to shout; it whispers, captivating with refined details and impeccable craftsmanship.

Imagine a colour palette of serene creams, gentle beiges, and soft greys, painting a canvas of timeless tranquility. Silhouettes are elegantly simple yet trendy, boasting clean lines and flawless tailoring. 

Image Credit: Instagram @rachelleayoung


Draped fabrics flow gracefully, embracing the summer breeze with subtle movement. Luxurious materials like silk, cashmere, and fine cotton indulge your senses with sheer comfort.

Quiet luxury's allure lies in its meticulous attention to detail, with delicate embroidery, intricate lacework,  and subtle beading adorning garments, showcasing exquisite artistry that elevates each piece to a realm of refined elegance.

This trend embodies a classic, minimal way of dressing, featuring well-made pieces that don't succumb to passing fads. No excessive logos, no apparent branding - just pure luxury in its most subtle form. It's not as austere as minimalism nor as ordinary as "normcore." Think soft, tactile, and neutral shades like black, white, beige, grey, and navy. 

Italian cashmere brands like Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli, along with designers such as Jil Sander, The Row, and Max Mara, are among the top labels that embody the quiet luxury look.

Speaking of Max Mara, let me share two of my favourite quiet luxury outfits from them - they're effortlessly chic and easy to replicate! 

Now, let's debunk the myth that quiet luxury is a response to the current economic climate. It's not about people becoming more conscious of their spending but rather an appreciation for investing in high-quality, timeless pieces with enduring value. 

Far from reacting to excess and ostentation, quiet luxury focuses on elevated basics, setting the bar higher for distinguishing the rich from the rest. 

So, embrace the sophistication of quiet luxury, where understated elegance meets refined simplicity. Step into a realm of timeless style that whispers volumes without making a sound.

Celebrities wearing the trend: Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham


 3. Tank tops

Gone are the days when tank tops were misunderstood; they've now secured their place as a summer essential on everyone's shopping list. 

While you can pair them with anything you like, for that ultra-fashionable edge, opt for a chic monochrome ensemble with high-waisted, wide-leg trousers from the likes of Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, or Sinéad O'Dwyer. And if you're aiming for extra style points, why not layer your tank top under a trendy corset top by Brandon Maxwell or even a stylish dress? 

Trust us, this fashion-forward combo will turn heads and have you looking like a true style maven all summer long! 

Alright, folks, let's have a good laugh while we uncover the incredible transformation of tank tops from fashion's black sheep to the ultimate summer essential!

Remember when tank tops had a reputation growing up? People thought they were too casual or even unflattering. But hold on to your wide-leg trousers because things have taken a wild turn! Tank tops are now strutting their stuff on our summer shopping lists like the fashion divas they were always meant to be!

Who would've thought that these sleeveless wonders would go from "meh" to "yeah, baby!" The fashion world has done a complete 180, and we're here for it. Tank tops have become the stars of our summer wardrobes, and they're ready to shine bright.

But hey, if you want to rock the real fashion-forward game, listen up! Go all-in for a monochrome look - it's like adding extra sprinkles to your ice cream! Grab those high-waisted, wide-leg trousers from the likes of Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, or Sinéad O'Dwyer, and prepare for a fashion feast!

Now, here's where it gets interesting, folks. Want to score some style points that scream, "I've got it all together"? Layer your tank top under a daring corset by the fabulous Brandon Maxwell. It's like combining sweet and spicy - a recipe for instant attention and jaw-dropping stares!

But wait, there's more! Why stop at just one layer when you can play with fashion like a pro? Throw that lightweight tank top under a summer dress, and ta-da! You've got a whole new dimension of style to explore. Mixing and matching colours, patterns, and textures has never been this fun!

So, let's raise a glass to the tank tops that grew to be summer's ultimate stars! From misunderstood to fashion-forward, they've proven that every fashion comeback is a reason to celebrate. Get ready to rock those tanks with humour and style this summer!

Celebrities wearing the trend: Bella Hadid and Naomie Harris


4. Sheer Layering

The Spring/Summer 2023 runways witnessed an alluring takeover of sheer and transparent looks, dominating the fashion scene. According to TagWalk, 77% of designers showcased these daring styles, cementing their prominence in the season's trends. And that's not all - the sheer movement also increased the playful display of VPL (visible panty lines). 

Designers fearlessly styled see-through skirts and dresses with visible underwear and branded bras, creating a captivating fusion of sensuality and bold branding. Molly Goddard wowed us with transparent tulle dresses layered over stripped sets, while Miu Miu took the co-ord game to new heights, pairing sheer separates with logo-emblazoned underwear. 

The season of see-through has left a lasting impression on the fashion world, sparking a conversation around daring aesthetics and confident statements.

Darlings, it's time to embrace the sheer allure of transparent clothing as it continues to grace the runways, red carpets, and even our beloved high-street stores! If you've got the confidence to dive into this daring trend head-on, go for it, and own it like the fashion icon you are!

We understand that not everyone feels ready to take that plunge. No worries, let's dip our toes into the trend with some experimentation. Try out those mesmerising mesh panels - they add just the right mystery and allure without going all in.

For a show-stopping impact, a coord set is your ultimate ticket to sheer sophistication. From Acne Studios to Prabal Gurung and Jacquemus, the choices are endless! Picture yourself strutting confidently in a coordinated ensemble that commands attention from every angle.

A translucent midi is the way to go for a more subtle yet chic approach. Fashion houses like Chanel, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace have embraced this mesmerising trend with their signature flair. A sheer midi dress will have you floating on air, exuding an aura of elegance that's simply unmatched.

So, my darlings, whether you're ready to embrace the transparency trend in all its glory or prefer to test the waters with mesh panels, rest assured that this captivating style is here to stay. Step into the world of sheer fashion and let your boldness shine through as you make a statement that is uniquely you! 

Celebrities wearing the trend: Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Halle Bailey 


5. Hooded Dresses

The allure of hooded dresses from the Spring/Summer 2023 runways has already made its way into the real world, with A-list celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Bella Hadid, and Michaela Coel spotted rocking this trend on the red carpet.  

A nod to the iconic Grace Jones, these dramatic hooded dresses made appearances in the collections of Versace, Alberta Ferretti, and Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini, evoking a sense of bold elegance. 

Yet, it was Saint Laurent that fully embraced this silhouette, stealing the spotlight with nearly half of its S/S23 collection adorned with captivating hoods. 

From the runway to the red carpet, hooded dresses are making a resounding statement in the world of high fashion, leaving us eager to join this trendsetting  movement. 

Hold onto your fashionable hats because hooded dresses are taking over the world like a high-fashion storm! We're talking Spring/Summer 2023 runways bringing the drama with these captivating ensembles that have already hit the red carpet with a bang.

Celebrities love this trend! Olivia Wilde, Bella Hadid, and the fabulous Michaela Coel have been strutting their stuff in these hooded beauties, and let's just say they're slaying the fashion game like no other.

But wait, it gets even better! These hooded dresses significantly nod to the legendary Grace Jones - talk about iconic inspiration! Designers like Versace, Alberta Ferretti, and Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini have brought drama to the runway, oozing bold elegance that has us all swooning.

Saint Laurent leads the pack, embracing the hooded silhouette like a boss! Nearly half of their S/S23 collection featured these captivating hoods, stealing the spotlight with their creativity and sheer brilliance. Bravo, Saint Laurent, you're blowing our minds!

And who can forget our queen Kylie Minogue, effortlessly embracing this trend and showing us how it's done! With her timeless style and charisma, she's proving that hooded dresses aren't just for the runway or red carpet - they're for everyday glamour, baby!

So, fashionistas, listen up! Get ready to rock the hooded dress like the fashion warrior you are. Take inspiration from the runway, the red carpet, or our beloved Kylie Minogue - let the hooded dress be your fashion armour, making a bold statement wherever you go. And remember, it's all about embracing the power of the hood, exuding that charisma, and taking the world of high fashion by storm!

Celebrities wearing the trend: Grace Jones and Kylie Minogue


6. Denim to St. Tropez

Alright, folks, buckle up because denim is having a significant fashion moment, and it's anything but your average pair of jeans! 

Over half of all designers decided to roll with denim in their collections this season, giving us a whopping 64% increase from last year's Spring/Summer lineup. Denim is officially stealing the show, and trust me, it's a whole new level of chic.

You heard that right; denim isn't just about those humble jeans anymore - oh no, it's gone through a fabulous evolution! This season, we've witnessed denim morphing into stunning dresses, gowns, and co-ord sets that will blow your fashion-loving minds.

We've got emerging designer Masha Popova making a splash with her bleached denim mini dresses and swoon-worthy full-length maxi skirts. Who knew denim could look this glam? Well, Masha did, and she's killing it!

But wait, there's more! Givenchy gave denim the royal treatment by embossing it with their signature logo. That's right, folks, denim with a designer stamp of approval - the epitome of chic!

So, my denim darlings, don't be fooled by the seemingly humble fabric. This season, denim is all about reinvention, making jaws drop with its versatility and style. 

Get ready to rock denim like never before - in dresses, gowns, co-ords, and more! These  designers have us head over heels for denim, and we're joining the denim party with unbridled enthusiasm. It's time to let denim reign supreme in our wardrobes and hearts!

Oh, let's talk about the magic of denim, the chameleon of fabrics! If there's one thing denim has taught us, it's that versatility is its middle name. It's like the fashion superhero that can effortlessly adapt to any style, occasion, or mood you throw at it.

We all know and love denim jeans, but let's journey beyond the classic blues. Denim has evolved into a fashion powerhouse, proving it can be much more than just your everyday staple.

Are you feeling a little daring? Well, denim jumpsuits have got your back - literally! These one-piece wonders are the epitome of cool and can effortlessly take you from day to night. Pair them with sneakers for a casual daytime look, or dress them up with heels for a night out.

But wait, there's more! Denim sets are a match made in fashion heaven. These perfectly matched tops and bottoms give you endless outfit possibilities. Mix and match them with other pieces from your wardrobe to create unique looks that suit your style and mood.

And let's not forget denim skirts! From the classic mini to the trendy midi, denim skirts are  a wardrobe essential that never goes out of style. Dress them up with a blouse and heels for a polished look or keep it casual with a graphic tee and sneakers for an effortless cool-girl vibe.

But wait, there's even more versatility to explore! Denim jackets are the ultimate layering piece, adding a touch of edge to any outfit. Throw one over a sundress for a casual summer look or pair it with a turtleneck and trousers for a chic fall ensemble. Denim jackets are like a fashion Swiss army knife - they've got your back, no matter the season or occasion.

So, my fashion-forward friends, let's toast denim's boundless versatility. From dresses to jumpsuits, skirts, jackets to jeans - there's no limit to what denim can do. The fabric keeps giving, making us fall in love with fashion all over again. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and let denim be your ultimate style companion - endless possibilities!

Celebrities wearing the trend: Dua Lipa and Normani


7. Mystique Goth

Enter the realm of darkness and romance, where Victorian elegance entwines with modern mystique. A haunting allure awaits in the embrace of the romantic gothic fashion trend, transporting you to a world where shadows dance with delicate femininity, revealing the enchanting secrets of Summer 2023.

Amidst the depths of darkness, indulge in the mystique of black tulle, a silhouette fit for Wednesday Addams herself. Or, stand out from the ordinary crowd with a black peplum blazer, a midi pencil skirt, a black suit, or the elegantly wicked allure of black satin cargo pants.

Seek the perfect balance between practicality and elegance with classic styles cloaked in the sombre hues of black or dark grey. As you journey into this enchanting trend, prepare to be captivated as darkness and romance merge.

Silhouettes in this realm are marked by exquisite attention to detail and Victorian-inspired elements. Floor-length lace gowns and high-collared blouses breathe the air of old-world elegance, while corsets embrace and accentuate the feminine form, weaving a spell of allure around you. 

Cascading ruffles, delicate lace trims, and ornate brocade patterns add an opulent touch, invoking a decadent romance at every step.

Embrace the haunting beauty of accessories - Victorian-inspired jewellery, like ornate chokers and intricate cameos, adorning your neck. Delicate lace gloves, a veil of mystery that enshrouds your hands. In the darkness of this world, crown yourself with statement headpieces - feathers, veils, or ornamental fascinators that carry the air of a sorceress's spell.  

Styled by Mel Ottenberg | photographed by Dutch duo Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Embellishments tell tales of past eras, rich and intricate. Intricate lace overlays, velvet appliqués, and embroidered details whisper of a bygone age's opulence, adding depth and texture to garments. Delicate beading, pearl accents, and jewelled embellishments bestow an otherworldly beauty upon the garments as if touched by an enchanting spell.

Your canvas becomes a testament to this realm's allure as you paint your face with smoky eyes, rich and deep, a touch of drama that entices. A pale, porcelain complexion contrasts with dark, bold lips in shades of deep red, plum, or even the blackest night.

Your hair is a canvas of elegance - sleek, romantic undoes adorned with intricate hair accessories or untamed waves that whisper of an enchanting siren.

In the dance of darkness and romance, let the beauty of the romantic gothic fashion trend unravel before you. With every bewitching step, immerse yourself in the tapestry of a realm where shadows and allure coexist in perfect harmony, beckoning you to become a part of its hauntingly beautiful tale.

Celebrities wearing the trend: Rihanna and Angelina Jolie


8. Fringed Tassel

Attention, trendsetters! Are you ready to embark on a wild, neon-drenched journey that will teleport you to the heart of Berlin's rave scene? It's time to jump on the rave trend train and unleash your inner cool girl from the future! 

Get ready to hit the dance floor with a fierce and fashion-forward approach to party wear that will leave jaws dropping. Shearling jackets, ruched long sheer tops, silver sequin pants, split-hemline jeans, and low-waisted are the weapons of choice for the ultimate rave warrior! And when it comes to shoes, who needs ordinary when you can strut your stuff in platforms that elevate your style?

The rave fashion vibe is about embracing your funky self, complete with feathers, claw clips, and an attitude that screams, "I'm here to slay this dance floor!" It's time to break free from the norm and let your individuality shine with a splash of bold, eye-catching colour. Neon hues that could light up the universe are the name of the game - electric blues, vibrant pinks, and luminous greens will fuel your dancing soul!

Let's talk silhouettes because it's time to dance like no tomorrow! Oversized tees with graphics galore, flared pants, and swishy skirts are the rave uniform that brings retro nostalgia into the 21st century.

Accessories are your secret weapons for creating that show-stopping look. Reflective  sunglasses that make you feel like a cosmic superstar, chunky platform sandals for endless dancing, and wristbands and glowing bracelets that turn you into a walking light show - they've got it all!

Now, let's talk about the magic that makes rave fashion out-of-this-world - glitter, sequins, and holographic goodness! Mesh fabrics with neon trims let you show some skin while adding that rebellious edge that sets you apart from the crowd.

And when it comes to your hair, let your wild child spirit roam free! Dye your locks electric blue, neon pink, or shimmering silver - let your hair be the canvas for your self-expression. Braid it with neon extensions, sprinkle on the glitter, and experiment with hairstyles that scream "I'm a free spirit and I'm here to dance!”

But wait, there's more! Fringe, darling, is making a fierce comeback, shedding all its flapper-era connotations. This season Fringe is getting a chic and elevated makeover this season for Spring/Summer 2023. It's time to turn heads with tasteful, glamorous, and utterly fabulous fringe.

From voluminous metallic skirts to mini dresses and crop tops, designers showcase fringe in all its glory. Jil Sander will mesmerise you with statement-worthy fringe skirts that move and sway like art. Victoria Beckham sprinkles fringe on mini dresses, proving that fringe can be stylish with a modern twist.

And there's more fringe magic to behold! Proenza Schouler adds sparkling fringe to crop tops, elevating the outfits to the heights of sophistication and glam. Meanwhile, Jonathan Simkhai has us swooning over fringe on embellished dresses' hemlines, adding a bohemian elegance to any look.

So, my fearless fashion warriors embrace the allure of rave fashion and the chic extravaganza of fringe. This season is about self-expression, boldness, and turning the dance floor into your cosmic playground. Get ready to light up the night and make a lasting impression with every electrifying step!

Celebrities wearing the trend: Taylor Swift and Gisele Bundchen





What are key fashion trends for summer 2023?

Quiet luxury, sustainable fashion, summer western aesthetic – denim, tassel, rave fashion, romantic goth and sheer layering, grunge.

What are some fashion brands that embody the "Quiet Luxury" look?

Italian cashmere brands like Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli, along with designers like Jil Sander, The Row, and Max Mara, are among the top labels embodying the "Quiet Luxury" look.

These brands offer timeless pieces that celebrate understated elegance and refined simplicity.

 What are some laid-back outfit ideas for a cozy family dinner at home?

You can't go wrong with a simple yet oh-so-stylish blazer paired with a cool crop top and fabulously distressed blue jeans for a cosy family dinner at home.

Finish the look with your go-to chunky kicks for a casual yet chic ensemble perfect for a relaxed evening with your loved ones.

 Tell me more about the key Summer 2023 fashion trends that will transition into Autumn/Winter 2023/24.

Summer 2023 is about embracing sustainable fashion, thrifting, recycling, and investing in quality pieces that stand the test of time. Additionally, and I keep saying this.. "Quiet Luxury" is a prominent trend that celebrates understated elegance and refined simplicity.

It's all about dressing in elevated basics with clean lines and flawless tailoring without excessive logos or branding. "Denim" also makes a major fashion statement, with designers creating stunning dresses and gowns using this versatile fabric.

 How can I incorporate the ‘Goth’ trend into my wardrobe for 2023?

Look for floor-length lace gowns, high-collared blouses, and garments adorned with cascading ruffles, delicate lace trims, and ornate brocade patterns. Accessories like Victorian-inspired jewellery, lace gloves, and statement headpieces will add to the mystique and allure of this trend.

Embrace a colour palette of blacks and dark greys to create a hauntingly beautiful look that merges darkness and romance.


So there you have it, my fabulous fashionistas! When anyone dares to utter a word about your ensemble, let your inner diva shine and sweetly sing, “bitch don’t kill my vibe.” Flips hair dramatically 💁‍♀️





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