Andrea Jackson: Veteran finds her calling.


What motivated you to pursue your particular fashion specialisation? 

Fashion isn't merely about clothing; it's a platform for rebellion and expression. Growing up, I was enamoured by the power of clothes to challenge norms and provoke change. This fascination fuelled my pursuit of a specialisation where I could merge art, activism, and style into one transformative force.

How did your education and previous work experience prepare you for a career in fashion?

My fashion journey wasn't conventional. It was a patchwork of diverse experiences, from my unorthodox education to immersing myself in various artistic disciplines. This unorthodox blend shaped my unique perspective and provided the canvas upon which I'd craft my fashion career.

What notable achievements have you received for your fashion-related projects or positions?

Among the numerous accolades and awards, my proudest moments come when my designs spark conversations and stir emotions beyond fashion. The real triumph lies in inspiring change and challenging societal norms through my creative expressions.

How would you describe your design style and aesthetic?

 My design style is a fusion of tradition and rebellion, blending historical influences and contemporary subversion. It's about creating garments that speak volumes, provoke thought, and carry a narrative far beyond the fabric and stitches.

What fashion-related skills or expertise do you possess that set you apart from other candidates?

My ability to seamlessly merge avant-garde creativity with wearability sets me apart. I've honed an eye for intricate details, an intuitive grasp of fabric nuances, and an instinct for crafting designs that are both groundbreaking and accessible.

How do you create designs that are creative and commercially viable?

The creative process is a journey that starts from meticulous patternmaking to hand-selecting fabrics that breathe life into my vision. It's a profoundly personal exploration where every stitch and texture embodies my artistic essence.

  • Balancing Design Vision with Client's Desires and Brand?
  • Collaborating with clients requires a harmonious blend of my artistic vision with their brand identity. It's an intricate dance where I aim to infuse my creativity into their narrative, breathing fresh life into their essence while respecting their ethos.